Free basic health services and education
"Helping Because People Matter!"


Our Services:

The Mom and Me Mobile Medical Clinic provides basic healthcare at no cost to anyone in need. We are a 501(c)(3) charity registered with the IRS. We are also registered with the State of Washington.

No Cost:  We take no financial information at the clinic and the care we provide is free.  If you have insurance, labs, x-rays, other outside tests will be billed to you by the place those tests are done.  If you have no insurance, we will work with you to get these done at no cost.

AnyoneMeans men, women and children, all ages.

Basic Health Care: Means any care you can get at most doctors’ offices.  That includes school physicals, adult physicals, symptom care and management, care of small cuts and injuries, etc.

Mobile:  Means that we travel with an equipped mobile clinic (in a semi-truck and/or motorhome) to several locations around the South King County and North Pierce County areas.  If you would like to have us come to your area/place please contact us.

Our Providers:  We are staffed with volunteer Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians’ Assistants, Registered Nurses and other health care personnel needed to run and transport and set up the clinic.

Our Story:

I am Dale Clark and I have survived cancer three times. I am grateful I had insurance to cover the cost of the treatment. I have always been active helping others in the community. I have degrees in the following area: an AA in Arts and Science, an AA in developmental Disabilities, and a BA from the University of Washington with a minor in human rights. I hold a masters degree in Counseling Psychology and I have an MBA in business. I am currently completing my doctorate in business.

While I was a counselor a large percentage of my clients had no insurance and very little resources to pay for services. As I started conducting research for my doctoral degree I started investigating the health care crisis in America. As I surveyed individuals in different communities along with family members I was shocked by how widespread the uninsured or under insured population extends. My wife was ill and the doctor and I had her transported by ambulance to Tacoma General Hospital. We have full medical coverage. She waited in the emergency room for nine hours waiting to be seen by a physician. The major factor for the wait was that the uninsured citizens were overwhelming the emergency room trying to get his or her health care needs met.

Here are a few facts to consider. Forty-six million American men, women, andchildren have no health care insurance. Over 15 million American women go without a yearly mammogram because they lack insurance and cannot afford the cost of the procedure. Twenty-three percent of adults who have a chronic condition go untreated yearly.

The Mom and Me Mobile Medical Clinic can and will make a difference. By treating those individuals in need we will be reducing emergency room visits. This could relieve the strain on health care services in the community. The mobile clinic will create a referral network where providers will offer continued patient care if needed.

The goal and mission of The Mom and Me Mobile Medical Clinic is to provide access to basic health care to any individual in need, at no cost. No individual  who is in need of healthcare will be turned away.


Dale Clark
Executive Director

Clark is a retired public employee with more than 20 years experience working with developmentally disabled individuals. Clark is a graduate of the University of Washington with a bachelor degree in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and a minor in human rights. Clark holds additional masters degrees in counseling psychology and masters in business administration. Clark is currently completing his doctorate degree in business. Clark is currently president of the local chapter of the retired public employees and is a member of other organizations in his community. As a founder of the nonprofit The Mom and Me Mobile Medical Clinic the goal is to serve the underinsured and uninsured citizens of the state of Washington. Clark’s goal in forming this nonprofit is to bring awareness for the need of basic medical care for all citizens of the state. It is Clark’s estimate that thousands of citizens will be served annually at no charge to them.