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Update on Truck Status

From our Executive Director Dr. Dale Clark

The Mom and Me Mobile clinic is now complete. The volunteers have worked very hard to finish the huge project that the clinic has become. All of the volunteers want to thank everyone who has given donations and their time. The clinic has visited many towns around the area giving tours.

An agreement has been signed with Pacific Lutheran University to have their A.R.P.N. students staff the clinic along with their instructors so health care can be given.

We are waiting on our final insurance approval and then we will be on the road providing healthcare in various communities.

We will post a schedule showing dates and locations to find the clinic at a later date.

The Mom and Me is also opening a thrift store in Enumclaw at 1140 Cole St. The store will be called M and M Thrift. We are accepting donations of clothing and small household items at this time. Any questions about what we can or can’t accept can be directed to Lori Elgner 253-389-5882.






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